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TMC WINDOWS, INC. is located in Skokie, Illinois.  We are dedicated to providing expert wood window  restoration and installation.  Our company is the culmination of over thirty years of residential carpentry and remodeling experience in and around Chicago.  The company began to specialize in windows during the late 1990's.  Over the years we have worked with all the major window manufacturers, including  Marvin, Pella, JeldWen, Weathershield,  and Lincoln.  We have also used different window materials such as wood, clad, vinyl, and composite.  Full unit, insert, and glass block are examples of installation techniques that we employ.  We have completed projects involving hundreds of windows as well as the restoration or replacement of a single window.  Our ability to create a solution for your windows that is not limited to a single manufacturer,  material, or technique sets us apart.

What We Do

Even with the wide range of replacement options available, we believe windows that are at least 50 years old can and should be restored.  In addition to preserving old growth lumber, a non-renewable resource, restored wood windows with proper storm windows perform as well as new windows.  They also outlast any replacement window.  Old growth lumber is an invaluable material that has no modern equivalent.  Window restoration is not just for windows in historic homes and buildings.  It is an environmentally sound practice that makes economic sense.

What Sets Us Apart?

TMC WINDOWS emphasizes installing windows that look like they've always belonged.  In certain homes, it doesn't make sense to throw away gorgeous, historic windows simply because they are painted shut and haven't been touched in years.  We encourage restoration for 3 main reasons: environmentally sound practices, preservation of historic details and extending the life of your windows. With our environmentally sound window restoration process, your 100 year old windows can look great and operate efficiently for the next 100 years.


TMC Windows provides window placement for Chicago and the surrounding suburbs including:

Evanston, Wilmette, Winettka, Glencoe, Highland Park, Lake Forest, Lake Bluff, Bannock Burn, Deerfield, Northbrook, Glenview, Hinsdale, Oak Park, Kenosha Wisconsin, Northwest Indiana

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