Chicago Area Window Restoration

TMC WINDOWS emphasizes installing windows that look like they've always belonged. In certain homes, it doesn't make sense to throw away gorgeous, historic windows simply because they are painted shut and haven't been touched in years. With our environmentally sound window restoration process, your 100 year old windows can look great and operate efficiently for the next 100 years. TMC's window restoration in Chicago preserves and restores original windows professionally.

Reasons to Restore:

  • Environmental - Extends the life of old growth lumber, a non-renewable resource.
  • Historic Details - Preserves the original look of your home that cannot be duplicated with replacement windows.
  • • Effectiveness - It works as well and lasts longer than replacement windows. When you're ready for Window Repair, Chicago's TMC can effectively restore and repair your home's windows.

Our Process:

mechanical_restorationMechanical Restoration

Goal: to restore sound, stable double hung windows to full operational condition:

  1. Provide dust protection in the work area around the windows.
  2. Remove window stops and window sash.
  3. Prepare all operational surfaces, such as removing paint build-up.
  4. Replace sash cords with sash chain (unless otherwise specified).
  5. Lightly sand the sides of the vertical sash rails and the inside of the jambs.
  6. Trim the existing sashes in width and height.
  7. Apply weather stripping to the top and bottom sash and to the inside of the jamb.
  8. Fabricate and install new parting stops.
  9. Remove loose glazing compound and replace with new glazing.
  10. Install sash into opening and adjust for easy operation.
  11. Install new or restored hardware.  (Restoration of hardware takes place off-site, in the shop.)
  12. Clean the work area and haul away debris.

Full Restoration

shop_restoration Goal: to restore damaged, deteriorated or unstable windows to like new and fully operational condition.

Steps 1-8 above are completed, followed by these steps

  1. Remove window sash for restoration in our shop. Stamp each window clearly to ensure replacement in correct opening.
  2. Make the existing window opening secure as required while the sashes are at our shop.
  3. Now at our shop, remove all hardware. Clean and label hardware for reuse.  Replace as needed.
  4. Remove all paint in our steam chamber, an apparatus which removes paint without harmful chemicals and without damaging the wood surface. Steam stripping allows removal of original glass with very little glass breakage. Original glass will be cleaned and labeled for reinstallation.
  5. Hand sand all surfaces of the sash until all paint and/or varnished is removed.  Once the sash is down to bare wood, the extent of the damage can be seen clearly and repaired appropriately.
  6. Repair structural defects and surface damage to the wood using advanced 2 part epoxies.  Any signs of rot will be addressed with wood preservative and consolidant to harden the wood and provide a clean base for adhesion to epoxy filler.
  7. Stabilize window joints using galvanized screws, set in place with wood glue. Replace sections or elements of the sash, as needed. We use old growth wood for the replacements from our inventory of old window sashes.
  8. Sand all surfaces to a uniform finish after all repairs are complete.
  9. Replace all glass using original glass or replacements, as needed.  We have a large inventory of wavy glass that is used to replace any glass that came in broken.
  10. Set glass in silicone bedding for added stability. Secure with glazing points and fix with oil based glazing compound. Allow glazing compound to dry, usually 2-3 days.
  11. Apply primer to all surfaces, allow to dry. Apply finish latex paint to all surfaces, two coats recommended. We can alter paint system specification to suit client's needs.  Any level of finish, primed, painted, stained, or bare wood, can be provided due to the customers request.
  12. As an option we offer priming, painting and/or staining to the customers direction.
  13. Reinstall hardware, interior stops and sash per Mechanical Restoration, above.
  14. Package for transportation with bubble wrap and stretch wrap.



TMC Windows provides window placement for Chicago and the surrounding suburbs including:

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