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What is a Storm Window?

Storm windows are secondary windows installed over the original window and designed to reduce drafts and insulate the house, saving energy. They have come a long way from the aluminum triple track windows that were ugly and frustrating to maintain. Modern options, including wood storm windows provide great energy efficiency, look good even on older homes, and are more convenient than ever. One of the best options for tough Chicago winter window performance.

Why choose storm windows:

  • Better insulation
  • Lower costs than replacement windows
  • Reduced drafts
  • Avoids replacing original or historical windows

Interior Storm Windows

Interior storm windows improve the performance of old windows without changing the look of the windows or the home. Multiple materials are used; vinyl, metal, glass and Plexiglas frames are all available. Many versatile fastening options can accommodate any homes. Most storm window systems can be fitted with screens.

Wood Combination Storm Windows

Wood combination storm windows combine the great look of wooden storm windows with the convenient performance of aluminum triple track storm windows. A wooden frame surrounds a metal track and makes for easy removal of storm and screen panels depending on the season. These changes can be made from the inside, no need to remove the storm panel in the spring for a separate wood screen and then change back to the storm window in the fall. The movable panels are self storing.  Wood storm windows provide the best appearance for vintage buildings. The self-storing screens and panels can be left up year-round.

Many people today think storm windows are old-fashioned, but quality, professionally installed storm windows are a cost-effective and sustainable source of energy-efficiency. These simple second windows accomplish several things. They seal drafts and create an insulating pocket of air between existing windows and the storm window. The original window is protected from weathering. They can contain a coating which reflects radiant heat back into the house. Combined with professional weather stripping on the sash, they are comparable in performance to a modern, glass window.

The typical aluminum "triple-track" — 2 separately tracked glass windows and a screen can play a major preservation role for older windows otherwise exposed to the ice, snow and wind of Chicago winters.

Aluminum Storm Windows

We offer two types of aluminum storm windows.  They range from the tried and true triple track to a more traditional looking aluminum storm window that are more adaptable to historic homes.

Shop Built Traditional Storm Windows

We can duplicate, in our shop, any traditional fixed, one-lite storm windows that you have.


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